Norwood Village Green Concert Series recently approved new bylaws aimed improving diversity
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 9:14 am

NORWOOD – Norwood Village Green Concert Series Board of Directors updated its by-laws and policies at its recent annual meeting.

The bylaws, created at the concert series’ founding in 1974 and amended at its incorporation in 1998, were amended again with an eye to the future.

The policies now in place include a staff code of conduct, and provisions on diversity, equal employment opportunities, minority women-owned business opportunities, nepotism, conflict of interest, fiscal and internal controls, among others.

The new statewide New York State Grants Gateway Project for all not-for profit organizations has new requirements for state funding.

“The whole process, though time consuming, was seen as strengthening the Norwood Village Green Concert Series as it moves forward and plans for its future role in the wider community,” said program director and board president Joe Liotta. “As side benefits, the board will be more engaged in the everyday operation and future leadership changes will be more feasible.”

The board also elected the following officers and board members:

• President, Joseph M. Liotta, for a two-year term

• Vice President, Andy Van Duyne, for a two-year term

• Recording Secretary, Peter McCoy, for a two-year term

• Board Member, Cheryl Mirer, for a three-year term

• Board Member, Ben Todd, for a second three-year term

• Continuing Board Members, Scott Lavine, Jon Hunkins

The Norwood Village Green has completed its programming for 2014. That schedule will be released at a future date. There also will be a revamping of the website.