Norwood-Norfolk students send homemade blankets to Hurricane Sandy Relief Program
Monday, February 25, 2013 - 11:55 am

NORWOOD -- Homemade blankets were sent recently to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Program in Trenton, New Jersey, by students at Norwood-Norfolk School.

Mrs. Michelle Crosbie’s and Mrs. Teresa Woods’ fifth grade social studies class made the blankets with student donations of fabric. The Middle School Student Council also donated one hundred dollars to the effort.

First row from left: Nolan Cook, Carter Vari, Sean Derouchie, Caleb Pettit, Reed Gravlin, Bodie Molnar, and Cody Wilby; second row: Alexis Jackson, Alyssa LaRoque, Brittany VanGuilder, Robert Dean, Timothy Monroe, Karl Liebfred, and Mrs. Crosbie; third row: Chloe Harvey, Destiny Rust, Reanna Taylor, Kaeonna Deshane, Nico Sweeney, Luke Allen, Garrett Bond, and Brian Allen Jr. Fourth row: Mrs. Woods, Matthew Frost, Cameron Eibert, Sydney Jarvis, Alaina Elliott, Stephanie Bock, and Kaylee Bond.