Norwood-Norfolk students moved to warmer classrooms after spotty heating failures Tuesday
Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 11:28 am

NORWOOD – Some heating problems at Norwood-Norfolk Central School Tuesday raised concerns with some parents, but the superintendent says the situation was handled with a minimum of disruption and discomfort.

The system was taxed Tuesday with sub-zero temperatures “as in everyone’s home,” said Superintendent James Cruikshank, and heaters failing in two rooms in the elementary school and also in the music room, kitchen and two classrooms in other parts of the building did force the school to make temporary alternate arrangements.

Cruikshank explained that dampers froze up in individual heaters in two elementary classrooms and the children were moved to other rooms while maintenance workers freed the dampers.

“Heat was restored after a few minutes work,” Cruikshank said.

“A couple of parents called” to express concern, Cruikshank said, “but we told them the problems were minor and students were moved to other rooms” while workers fixed the breakdowns.

“The larger problem was the larger heating unit in the kitchen area,” which also affected the music room and a couple of classrooms.

A coil in the unit snapped and it will take a few days to get a new part in and installed, he said, and in the meantime electric heaters have been brought in.

“No students were kept in those classrooms” while the temperature was down, Cruikshank said.