Norwood-Norfolk Green and Gold Alumni Hockey Saturday produced 14-12 score; 35 alumni played
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 2:52 pm

NORWOOD -- The 36th Annual Norwood-Norfolk Green and Gold alumni hockey game was held on Saturday Dec. 22 at the Dominic Zappia Community Center in Norfolk.

The Gold team was victorious in a wild shoot-out affair 14-12, with 35 alumni returning to play at their alma mater.

Gold Team Members included Leo Palmer, TomVigne, Juddy Plumb, George Molnar, Lou Fiacco, Aaron Gravelle, Bob Myers, Mike LePage, Simon Mackey, Wade Hicken, Nate Smith, Jake Ladouceur, Nick Belile, Thomas Plumb, Alex Stevenson, Tyler Scott and Matt Myers.

Green Team Members were Harold Chapin, Derek Stevenson, Steve Myers, Mark Richards, Phil Jenner, Don Peterson, Harry Sessions, Colin Lapointe-Potter, Wade Sessions, Cameron Sloan, Jayden Pernice, Alex Boak, Bill Jackson, Gunner Brown, Dalton Collins, Tom Fiacco and Kasey McIntyre.