Norwood-Norfolk Central School considers reducing number of board members
Friday, March 17, 2017 - 3:15 pm


NORWOOD -- Norwood-Norfolk Central is still considering moving from a nine-person school board to a seven-person school board.

NNCS Superintendent Jamie Cruickshank said the Board of Education has considered moving from to a smaller board because filling school boards has become harder to do in recent years.

“We were still working on what the wording would be for the proposition,” he said. “We will keep dialogue open and consider it this year or in the future.”

By law, the board has to include five, seven or nine people. If a change were to be made, it would be decided by a community vote.

“It’s a big step and we want to go through it the right way,” he said.

Long-time board member Dave Flint resigned recently prompting the board to find a replacement.

Flint was replace by Jane Peacock, who has served on the board previously, Cruickshank said.

Peacock will assume the role through June.

She was appointed by the Board of Education at a recent meeting

This spring Norwood-Norfolk Central District voters will decide on three board positions that are three-year terms and a seat for a one-year term.

“It’s a struggle to get enough people to run and it is certainly not optimal,” Cruickshank said.