Norwood Lake Association installs new public boat dock
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 9:06 am

NORWOOD – A new public boat dock has been installed next to the Norwood boat launch, paid for by the Norwood Lake Association.

Norwood Department of Public Works workers installed the dock this week, according to Norwood Lake Association President Jim McFaddin.

McFaddin notes the presence of the invasive species Eurasian milfoil in Norwood Lake, and for that reason, he asks those who will be launching and loading their boats to clean vegetation from their boats and trailers prior to launching.

The association has been hiring people to assess the problem and remove as much of the milfoil as they can each year, but it is established practice to clean boats and trailers to keep the spread of invasive species to a minimum.

Brookfield Power provides the boat launch, which includes a fishing platform adjacent to the boat dock for those wishing to fish from shore.

The Norwood Lake Boat Launch is becoming increasingly popular with reports of excellent fishing as well as boating, McFaddin said.

The Norwood Beach and picnic area are located close to the boat launch and will soon officially open for the season.