Norwood Fire Department acquire 'jaws' of life
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 5:35 pm

Firefighter Tyler Norman uses spreader tool to unjam door

NORWOOD – The Norwood Fire Deparment recently acquired some special extrication tools, also known as the “jaws of life,” which are used to extract trapped individuals from motor vehicles.

The department wishes to thank the supporters of the Norwood Fire Department during their annual coin card drive. Proceeds from the drive helped to pay for the new equipment.

The Norwood Department of Public Works installed the four tools and associated equipment on the department’s equipment truck and in service.

The department also purchased a new portable water pump. We received many calls this year from residents with flooded basements.

“You have helped us in our time of need so that we can help you in yours,” said Tim Donahue, treasurer of the fire department.


Firefighter Kasey Macintire uses scissors to cut a door post.