North Country This Week, Potsdam featured on David Letterman tv show
Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 12:04 pm

North Country This Week and Potsdam were featured on the David Letterman CBS-tv show Friday night.

"Dog puts car in reverse, hits another car behind. The dog was not charged," a story posted on July 9 which also appeared in North Country This Week, was one of ten quirky news items featured during the “Small Town News” segment.

Click here to view the entire show. The "Small Town News" segment begins about 13 minutes into the show.

The news item also prompted Letterman to talk about Potsdam and ask where it is located.

According to the Wahoo Gazette on Letterman's website, "I also heard Dave wondering where Potsdam, New York is. Hmmm, what I know about Potsdam is they have a good SUNY college hockey team. It's located straight up north from New York City and you make a left just before Canada."

The complete list of news items cited during the “Small Town News” feature follows:


-The Sioux City Journal (Sioux City, Iowa): "Free pair of parakeets to good family. Too small to eat"

-The Palm Coast Observer (Palm Coast, Florida): "Larceny --- Motor vehicle. The man stated the GPS, satellite radio, and his safety equipment were all still in the vehicle. The only things taken were a soda from his cooler and two AA batteries."

-The Daily Star (Hammond, Louisiana): A local restaurant offers "Wednesday Rib Special --- tender as a baby's heart"

-The Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania): A yard sale listing: "Left the bastard, now need money sale"

-The Balaton Press Tribune (Balaton, Minnesota): "A home girls' basketball game has been rescheduled to Monday February 22nd. A boys' basketball game has tentatively been rescheduled for Saturday, February 22nd."

-The Star-News (McCall, Idaho): A camp meeting advertisement: "Chili cook-off. Beef, wild game, vegetarian and road kill"

-The Daily Record (Dunn, North Carolina): "Dunn police charged a Fayetteville man with driving a stolen vehicle after the man reportedly stopped to ask police for directions."

-North Country This Week (Potsdam, New York): "Dog puts car in reverse, hits another car behind. The dog was not charged."

-The Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, Ohio): From the police news: "An East North Street woman called police to report that her husband said she is fat."

-The Warren County Record (Warrenton, Missouri): "Can you identify the man in this week's photo?" (photo of a woman in a wedding dress)