North Country Now readers mostly criticize Ogdensburg woman who had lawsuit against Border Patrol dismissed
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 11:58 am

North County Now Facebook followers mostly spoke out against a woman who had attempted to sue the U.S. government for $2 million after being shocked with an electronic control device in Waddington.

Jessica Cooke, who claimed she suffered injuries to her neck, back, wrists and shoulders, filed the lawsuit Feb. 28 in U.S. District Court, Syracuse, and Judge Glenn T. Suddaby dismissed the suit on Nov. 7. More details are here.

A comment thread on the story posted on North Country Now's Facebook page mostly drew remarks chastising Cooke.

"Here is a perfect example, folks, why it’s important to NOT raise entitled little brats!!! So happy the judge threw this case out! Good job to the officer who tased her!!!" Facebook user Dee Giovenco wrote.

"Thank God she was just trying to make a quick buck off her own humility she did that to herself nobody else officers lives are important to and when your not complying and acting in the foolish manner she did then they feel threatened as well so they were only keeping themselves safe and making sure this spoiled rotten brat that it's not ok to undermine the authority!" Facebook user Jami Monroe wrote.

"One word......comply," Facebook user Paul Hanley wrote.

"Hum. she was unruly I am glad her case was dismissed," Facebook user Jackie Powers wrote.

"She was entitled no doubt, and definitely doesn't deserve to be paid $2mil, but the agents still didn't need to tase her like they did... I mean the goal for anyone who enforces the law is to de-escalate situations. Ignoring her irate bs and following procedures would've been the professional thing to do," Facebook user Nick Rapczynski wrote.

"Man the North Country sure loves the taste of shoe polish," Facebook user Johan Barbarossa wrote.