North Country travelers: I-81 south of Watertown open again, but they’re not through with snow yet
Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 5:35 pm

Interstate 81 is open again, but they're still getting fairly heavy snow in Watertown, and travelers through St. Lawrence County heading west and south should keep themselves updated on conditions along their route.

It's not so bad now in St. Lawrence County, but North Country travelers have had to dodge blizzard conditions, glare ice, and sub-zero wind chills over the last few days, especially to our west in the Snow Belt.

Luckily, snow accumulations at the top of the Tug Hill Plateau did not reach the ten feet that was considered possible just a couple of days ago.

That doesn't mean it's clear sailing in the region. WWNY-tv interviewed a local highway superintendent who believes it will take several days to get the highways as clear as he would like them:

Meanwhile WWNY reports that I-81, the major north-south route for central New York, was re-opened this afternoon from the Canadian border southward after having been closed in sections for parts of the last several days due to heavy snow and white-out conditions:

The NYS DOT maintains a closure map at, viewable on your PC or portable device.

We might get a little snow in the St. Lawrence Valley tonight, but around Watertown, snow blowing off Lake Ontario is expected to continue to accumulate. On top of the feet of snow that have already fallen there, another two feet were expected to drop during the day today, and another foot or more is forecast for tonight. But the National Weather Service predicts people all through the North Country will see sunshine tomorrow.