North Country state Sen. Little says budget gap will be a challenge for state lawmakers
Monday, January 8, 2018 - 5:36 pm

North Country state Sen. Betty Little, R-Queensbury, says Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plans aside, spanning a large budget gap for 2018 will be a major challenge.

“I agree there are many issues that can and should be addressed this legislative session,” Little said in response to the governor’s State of the State message last week.

“I, too, want to see a clearer and more appropriate response to sexual harassment in the workplace.” Little said.

“Early voting for convenience is a great idea and I am sponsoring legislation to that end. It is important to do this in a way that assures voting integrity and doesn’t come at the expense of county governments.”

“The challenge this year will mainly be addressing the large gap in the State Budget. Revenue is much less than expected. It remains unclear if that will change in these last three remaining months of the State’s fiscal year. Clearly, raising taxes isn’t the answer,” she said. “Restraint is needed,” so with that in mind, she says she will be reviewing Cuomo’s proposals as well as those to come in the Executive Budget.

Little said she also wants to address the difficulty volunteer rescue squads are having recruiting qualified EMS personnel.

“There’s a shortage of volunteers, which will only worsen. Many rural communities are having trouble recruiting and emergency response times are a grave concern.

She also says that one of her priorities is continued expansion of internet service.

“I’ll also be working with my colleagues, Empire State Development and the governor’s office to encourage expanding the availability of broadband and wireless communication.”

Sen. Little represents Parishville, Clare, Colton, Hopkinton and Piercefield in St. Lawrence County, and areas to the east.