North Country groups join New York Women’s Equality Coalition to advance governor’s women’s agenda
Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 2:47 pm

Several North Country groups have responded to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda by creating and joining the new group the New York Women’s Equality Coalition.

The St. Lawrence County chapter of the AAUW, the St. Lawrence County unit of the League of Women Voters and Planned Parenthood of the North Country are among over 500 labor groups, business leaders, civil rights organizations, women’s groups, medical associations, and religious groups have joined the coalition to address the barriers women face in the workplace and in housing, to improve women’s safety and wellbeing, and ensure equal treatment under the law.

As early members, the North Country coalition members will help to lead the North Country Region of the coalition in education and advocacy for the legislation on the 10 points the governor made in his Jan. 9 “state of the state” address.

On the education side, two local videos are being presented as part of the spring North Country Matters series.

Assemblywoman Addie Russell of 116th “River” District and the chair of the Assembly’s Task Force on Women’s Issues, spoke about the issues in the Women’s Equality Agenda.

Russell discussed pay equity, anti-discrimination legislation, women’s health, human trafficking and strengthening domestic violence laws.

A second NCM video looks specifically at the issue of human trafficking.

The panelists, Dr. David Bugg, SUNY Potsdam, and Sabel Bong, SUNY Canton, discuss human trafficking and addressing the holes in current state law.

In addition to broadcast on WCKN, Cable Channel 30, the shows are available on YouTube at

Check the websites for AAUW-St. Lawrence County ( and the League of Women Voters of St. Lawrence County ( for specific program links.