Norfolk man wins $10,000 a week for life, or more than $12 million, on scratch-off ticket from Fefee's Market
Friday, November 26, 2010 - 5:13 pm


NORFOLK – A Norfolk man is undoubtedly counting his blessings this Thanksgiving after buying a winning scratch-off ticket from Fefee’s Market Thursday morning that netted him $10,000 a week for life.

The total could exceed $12 million.

According to Brad Fefee, the store’s owner, Floyd Harvey of Norfolk came into the store and bought the ticket around 7:30 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. A half-hour later, he was back, asking Fefee to confirm with his lottery ticket scanner what Harvey was having a hard time believing: the $20 Life Spectacular scratch-off ticket was indeed a winner.

“He came in kind of blank looking,” Fefee recalled. “I think he’s still in a coma.”

The ticket still hasn’t been officially confirmed by New York State Lottery officials, because the offices appear to be shut down for the holiday. Harvey may have to wait until Monday for the confirmation.

But Fefee said when he scanned the ticket, the machine instructed him to fill out a claims form, which only happens with big payouts. He said the machine also printed out the full amount of the prize as $12.32 million over Harvey’s lifetime.

“I was kinda floored,” Fefee said. “I had a headache all day long.”

Fefee’s Market has been on a roll lately with the lucky tickets, Fefee said. A few months ago, a customer purchased a $10,000 winning ticket, and a few days ago, someone won $1,500.

But Harvey’s win trumps them all.

“That was the biggest winner I’ve ever seen and probably will ever see,” Fefee said.