NNY Adult & Youth Soccer League and Academy to close after 2014 season due to low turnout
Thursday, December 19, 2013 - 9:02 am

MORRISTOWN -- The NNY Adult & Youth Soccer League and Academy will be closing after the 2014 season.

There has been a low turnout rate for the league since the league opened in October 2012.

“It is with regret, that I inform the public and current membership that the soccer league will be closing and that 2014 will be the last season for the league here in the North Country,” says Ben VanDamme, League President.

VanDamme says that the only way to save the league from closure at this point is by membership numbers growing between now and the end of April 2014.

“If we can get numbers to grow between now and the end of April 2014, the league will consider staying open to provide soccer program’s here in the North Country” said VanDamme.

The League, which was founded in Morristown, has seen players come and go, but the numbers aren’t there to keep the league in operational status after 2014.

“It is sad to see it shut down, but we have done everything to establish our league with the rest of the North Country,” said VanDamme.

The league says that if numbers grow to keep the league and academy open, that players will have an opportunity to be apart of the Western NY Soccer Association.

VanDamme states that the closing date for the league and academy has been set for April 30, 2014.

Registration is currently underway to recruit and build the numbers for the adult and youth divisions in an attempt to save the league from closure. To register contact VanDamme by e-mail: benjaminvandamme762@yahoo.com.