NNY Adult and Youth Soccer League, which trained in Morristown in 2012, returns for second year
Monday, February 11, 2013 - 9:23 am

The Northern New York Adult and Youth Soccer League and Academy, founded in October 2012, is back for another year.

This year the league and academy have a youth division for young people in Saint Lawrence and Jefferson counties.

Youth Programs Coordinator Chelsea TenEyck has been assigned to oversee the youth division. TenEyck will work closely with league administration in youth recruitment.

In 2012, the league had training in Morristown, where players worked hard on skills. Though the numbers were low for 2012, “We expect to grow in 2013 with our new recruitment approach” said League President Ben VanDamme.

“We plan on extending an outreach program for youth recruitment to our local school districts,” said VanDamme.

The league and academy are focusing on becoming affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association and the United States Youth Soccer Association.

Once affiliated, adult and youth players are open to playing in the major leagues of soccer “and I assure you once the numbers reach where we want them we will be extending our team’s to a professional level both for the adult and youth divisions.”

Appointed as interim vice president is Tom Hollister of SUNY Canton. Academy

The league has volunteer openings for 2013, for a vice president, deputy academy director, deputy youth program’s coordinator, board members, secretary, financial officer, trustee, and academy instructors. They are also seeking coaching staff for the youth and adult divisions.

More info: http://nnysoccer.weebly.com, (877) 286-2098.