New website proposal would allow North Country taxpayers to track state government spending and efficiency
Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 11:51 am

A new website,, will enable people in St. Lawrence County and around the state to review the performance of government programs to see how effectively agencies are spending tax dollars.

People visiting the site could also submit their own suggestions and recommendations on how to stop government waste and reduce state spending.

The initiative, sponsored in the state Senate by 47th District Sen. Joe Griffo (R-Rome), is patterned after the Federal Office of Management and Budget’s website.

The proposal would allow people to review government expenditures and the performance of state government agencies and programs in areas including the economy, education, public safety, energy, health, housing, and the environment.

“We’re moving toward a way where state agencies can show New Yorkers those programs that work well, those that need improvement, or those that need to be overhauled or eliminated,” said Griffo, whose district includes the St. Lawrence County towns of Massena, Brasher, Norfolk, Stockholm, Potsdam, Pierrepont, Russell, Clifton-Fine and Pitcairn.

While many state agency websites provide useful information regarding certain programs and initiatives, few provide access to objective, comparative data that enable taxpayers to accurately assess the performance of government agencies and programs. In contrast, Griffo said, would provide detailed information on agency budgets and program expenditures, and would include a heavy emphasis on comparative data and statistics to show how the State is performing regionally and nationally.

The site would also enable the public to submit suggestions and recommendations on how to save taxpayer money, help eliminate wasteful spending, and operate government more efficiently and cost effectively.

The bill, S.2233 will be sent to the Assembly for their consideration.