NCNow home page links now working on all phones and tablets
Monday, December 4, 2017 - 9:51 am

Links on North Country Now’s home page should now be working on all phones and tablets.

Unfortunately, on some but not all phones, links to stories that appeared below advertisements on the home page did not work after NCNow unveiled a new mobile-friendly website Nov. 27.

The problem has now been resolved.

This was the second major glitch of the new website.

Friday afternoon, the “hamburger menu” – the three short horizontal lines in the upper right of each page – stopped working. That problem was resolved late Saturday morning.

The new site is also causing viewers to learn a new navigation system – the hamburger menu that is becoming the standard worldwide on phones and tablets.

To use the menu, just think “click, click, click.”

Before Nov. 27, viewers on phones or tablets interested in reading obituaries, police blotter, or sports had to:

• Scroll down the home page to find the section they were interested in

• Swipe the page to enlarge it

• Click on the story they were interested in.

Now, viewers can “click, click, click:”

• Click the hamburger menu.

• Click the number to the right of the category you are interested in. For example, click “8” to the right of “News” if you want to read the weather, police blotter or North Country This Week online.

• Click the page you want to read.

Click here for more details on how to use the "hamburger menu.

Our apologies for the malfunctions. We expect to need to resolve other glitches that may pop up over the next several weeks.

The new site is much more complicated than the old one because it is a “responsive” site designed to change its appearance depending on what type, size and model of device it is viewed on. Increasingly, “responsive” sites are becoming the standard for websites worldwide.