National Rifle Association protecting gun business, not second amendment
Monday, March 25, 2013 - 11:40 am

To the Editor:

I thought the SAFE act was about public safety and individual rights. But it’s not.

Like many things, it’s about money. The gun manufacturers can make about $30 to $50 on a rifle or a shotgun, but $500-$700 on an AR-15, Bushmaster or assault rifle.

Would your rather have 430 or $700? The more assault rifles they sell, the richer they become. Then pay Wayne La Pierre of the National Rifle Association to fire up his membership over rights. Well don gun manufacturers. Like magicians, they have focused our attention on one hand by doing sleight of hand with the other. To hell with the 20, six-year-olds that died in Newtown, Conn., you don’t need a conscience when money’s involved. Perhaps we could get another “The Jungle” from this.

Thee weapons were banned by congress from 1994 until 2004. Where was the uproar then? In 2006 the gun manufacturers put a rider on a bill exempting them from all lawsuits. It passed into law. Well-done gun manufacturers! No other industry has accomplished this.

So far this year about 2,5000 people have died as a result of gun violence. We have gone from law and order to the Wild West. We must stop this madness now.

Dwayne Martin, Gouverneur