National Grid warns customers of potential phone scam following Norwood call
Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 2:58 pm


National Grid is warning its customers of a potential phone scam following reports from a Norwood woman who received a questionable call Thursday.

The woman reported being asked for personal information by a caller who claimed to be a National Grid employee.

The alleged scammer offered to refund the customer for overcharged funds, but claimed the process would require personal information.

National Grid Spokeswoman Virginia Limmiatis said it is common for scammers to contact customers in hopes of stealing their identity.

"Periodically, unfortunately, there are folks who prey on innocent people," she said. "When these circumstances arise the best thing to do is hang up. If you feel uncomfortable at all just hang up and call a customer service liaison."

Limmiatis said National Grid does use a system of verification when calling customers, but said the company will never ask for a social security number.

"If someone calls and asks for your social security number hang up," she said. "Never give that number out over the phone."

Limmiatis said customers can call National Grid themselves if they have questions regarding any phone calls they receive from representatives or people claiming to be employees.

She said reporting such incidents to National Grid and local law enforcement can help inform others about such scams and identify areas that are being targeted by scammers.

"We appreciate people reaching out and contacting us when this happens," she said. "If they are noticing a rash of these calls in a particular area, we can better work with law enforcement to address them."

Anyone receiving a phone call should report it at 1-800-642-4272. To report the calls to the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department call 379-2222.

Limmiatis said additional information on detecting and identify scams can be found at