Morley firefighters to escort remains of one of their own today
Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 8:08 am

CANTON – Morley Volunteer Fire Department will honor the loss of a member with a funeral escort today after he died Tuesday in a car accident with his father on the Morley-Potsdam Road.

Icy weather and poor road conditions Tuesday claimed the lives of Morley firefighter Thomas Butterfield, 51, of Canton, and his father Theron H. Butterfield, 81, of Potsdam.

In honor of their fallen member, Morley firefighters plan to escort Butterfield’s remains to a vault to await a spring burial.

Both men were former members of the West Potsdam Volunteer Fire Department.

Canton-based state police said the accident occurred when the senior Butterfield lost control of his vehicle on a slushy road and slid sideways into the path of a vehicle driven by Larry Felt, 48, of Canton.

Troopers said Butterfield’s vehicle was struck on the passenger side.

Thomas Butterfield, who was sitting on the passenger’s side, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rescuers transported Theron Butterfield to Canton-Potsdam Hospital where he died later from injuries sustained during the accident.

Felt was uninjured.

Canton Fire and Rescue and Morley firefighters responded to the scene.

Services for both men will be held this weekend at Garner Funeral Home.

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