Master Gardener Volunteers receive diplomas in Canton
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 6:30 am

From left, back, Bill Granger, Tisha Toone, Ron Rogers, Anneke Larrance, Jane Portolese, Pam Mahoney, Daun Martin-Poole, Anna McMasters, Paul Hetzler, Loni Recker, Julie Cliff; front, Carol Budd, Kim Kimber and Kristin Colarusso.

CANTON – A new class of Master Gardener Volunteers have received their diplomas and are ready to provide technical assistance and educational outreach on topics such as pest identification, plant disease management, school or community garden planning, composting projects and more.

From asters to zinnias, American robins to woodpeckers, ants to wasps, apples to zucchini, the 13 graduates have amassed over 50 hours of formal training plus countless hours of home study.

They received their diplomas April 10 at Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County. These people have agreed to provide 50 hours per year serving St. Lawrence County residents with horticulture-related issues.

Master Gardener Volunteers can be contacted through the Grow-line at [email protected] or at 379-9192.