Massena will not take over Stanton Road
Sunday, August 25, 2013 - 4:14 pm


MASSENA – Town Supervisor Joe Gray rejected a petition from Stanton Road residents asking the town board to take over the roadway.

“It’s not built to town specifications, we can’t take it over,” Gray said, adding that it is private property.

Stanton Road residents Elwood and Jean LaBarge beseeched the town for aid due to difficulties with flooding after heavy rains and plowing in the winter time.

“You can’t get a plow truck down it,” Town Highway Superintendent Frank Diagastino said.

The top highway official said he would try to help the residents, if possible. He said he would make a trip to the area this morning and look at it.

“My responsibility is our roads first,” Diagastino said. “If you call and say you have a problem, we will try to help you out.”

A resident’s son currently uses his own plow to clear winter snows, Mr. LaBarge said. Stanton Road is located off of South Grasse River Road.