Massena town lawmakers not ready to give details on MMH asset transfer process
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 8:28 pm


MASSENA — Town councilors declined to comment when an official from Massena Memorial Hospital’s CSEA chapter asked for an update on the asset transfer process.

MMH is in the process of going from a town-owned hospital to a private, non-profit entity.

Part of that process involves a valuation of all hospital assets so the town can be compensated.

“Anything we’ve discussed is of a confidential nature. I don’t think we should discuss it,” Councilman Steve O’Shaughnessy replied after local CSEA Vice President Kerrie French asked for an update at the Wednesday town meeting.

“The reports we’ve had from the hospital, it is proceeding … we’re taking our lead from them. We are in contact with attorneys and we are in contact with the reps from the hospital,” Councilman Albert Nicola said.

“Our attorneys have been dealing with their attorneys. We’ve got very little update at this point,” Councilman Tom Miller said.

Town Supervisor Joseph Gray was out of town and not at the meeting. Councilman Samuel Carbone was also absent.

MMH CEO Robert Wolleben, who was originally on the Wednesday town agenda to give an update on the hospital, was removed from the agenda just before the meeting.

In addition to the asset transfer, MMH also has to name an affiliate and apply to the IRS for non-profit status. Wolleben at the February MMH meeting said the extensive IRS application will take months to complete. At the February town board meeting, Wolleben said he was hopeful the MMH board would name an affiliate at their February meeting the following week, but they made no decision on the matter following an executive session. More information about that is here.