Massena town supervisor hopes to end code enforcement office dispute soon
Friday, February 28, 2014 - 9:10 am


MASSENA -- Town Supervisor Joseph Gray said the ongoing dispute between the town and village over the code enforcement office could be over soon.

“I hope it will be totally resolved by the (March) meeting,” Gray said. “There’s a new draft agreement on sharing expenses with the code office” with the village.

Under the proposition, the village will send firefighters to perform town fire inspections and the associated fees will go directly to the village.

The firemen perform both fire and building code work for the village; Peter Devine does building inspections for the town.

The village and town had hired him last year as a joint venture, but he quickly resigned from doing his job for the village. He said it was because the fire department was performing his duties.

The town and village have since been trying to resolve who does what inspections, but to no avail.