Massena school board switching to digital voting machines
Saturday, April 26, 2014 - 8:29 am

MASSENA -- The Board of Education has decided unanimously to switch to digital voting machines next year.

It will cost the district $2,014 in maintenance and related supplies, including paper ballots. The mechanical machines incur about $960 in yearly costs, but are going off the market and soon won't able to be repaired or serviced.

"It looks like we would be increasing our expenses to get into the 21st century," board vice president Ron Faucher said.

District clerk Candice Prairie said they will save in personnel costs. The electronic machines require four inspectors, the traditional hammer-and-lever machines require six. They will also no longer need the services of a machine calibrator.

Prairie added that the St. Lawrence County Board of Elections are responsible for dropping off and picking up the equipment.