Massena rejects sole Aluminum Trail bid
Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 8:52 am


MASSENA -- The Village Board of Trustees on Tuesday night unanimously rejected the sole bid for work on the Aluminum Trail project because it was more than $750,000 higher than the engineer’s estimate.

“We are not in favor of this bid,” Public Works Superintendent Hassan Fayad told the board prior to their vote.

The $2,056,358 bid came from Pulaski-based Tuscarora Construction Company; the village’s estimate, from Greenman-Pederson, Inc. is $1,245,609.

In the worst-case scenario that the village can’t find an acceptable bid, they will be liable to repay $230,400 to the federal government. That is the amount paid in engineering costs from Greenman-Pederson, Inc.; the village covered $57,600 of the bill.

“We’ll meet with the state if we can’t get a bidder … we are making a good faith effort to get this project going … so we don’t have to give the money back,” Fayad said. “I’m putting some feelers out there and getting interest of local contractors to bid this project.”

The contractor work will include installing light poles at the foot bridge between East Orvis Street and Liberty Avenue and refurbishing the foot bridge area.

The foot bridge, which has seen much better days, will have the deck replaced with 10-foot-wide pre-cast concrete slabs. Between Willow Street and Liberty Ave., there will be a new five-foot-wide sidewalk and curbing installed along the east side of the street.

The north side of the foot bridge will get a new seven spot parking lot. The original project called for new trees and additional landscaping, but it was too expensive and scrapped from the current plans.