Massena public works struggling to keep up with curbside brush disposal, trustees eye stronger enforcement
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 9:03 am


MASSENA — With curbside brush disposal getting to a point where DPW crews are having trouble keeping up, the village board is considering either revising the brush pickup policy or strictly enforcing what’s on the books now.

Department of Public Works Superintendent Hassan Fayad said so much brush is getting put to the curb that they recently had to borrow two chippers to keep up.

“What should happen … is the day your refuse is collected, we go back over that route and pick up the brush that’s there at curbside,” he told the Board of Trustees on Tuesday. “However, there’s such an abundance of brush … the next day that have that same pile out there again, so it’s hard to keep up with that stuff. There’s a lot of commercial companies out there, they take down a tree and they put the brush to the front.”

“The key is focus on volume. We’re not trying to take anything away from the normal resident trimming one or two shrubs,” Deputy Mayor Matt Lebire said. “Anything we can do to address large volume would be great.”

Trustee Frank Carvel said he supports cracking down on those who abuse the law, but feels the village should make exceptions for cases like a severe weather event.

“Some of those piles never end. That wasn’t what it was intended for in the beginning,” he said. “You have a big storm … we’re going to go around and do what we’re going to have to do.”

“It’s not our responsibility to pick up everyone’s brush … Go back to what it was, three-foot lengths and bundled. At least that will be a reasonable amount put out there.”

Currier tasked the board’s code committee with doing research and reporting back in the future.