Massena Memorial Hospital recognizes 58 long term employees
Monday, November 12, 2012 - 2:16 pm

Massena Memorial Hospital recently recognized 58 employees for their continued dedicated service to the hospital and its patients. Front row: Rick Tremblay and Kandy Talbott, both of the medical laboratory. Also pictured are Mark Brouillette, senior director ancillary services, Kevin Ward, medical laboratory manager and Charles F. Fahd, II, chief executive officer.

MASSENA -- Massena Memorial Hospital recently held the 18th annual Employee Recognition Program to honor employees who achieved career milestones in 2012. The Employee Recognition program’s theme this year was “Many Hands, Many Minds, and One Goal.”

Recognized for five years of service were Julie Chapman, nutritional services; Thomas Vida, medical imaging; Crystal Bejjani, patient financial counseling; Sherry Marshall, dialysis; Pamela Fournier, ICU; Wanda Jock, ICU; Lorraine Beaudoin, med/surg/peds; Katie Helmer, med/surg/peds; Amanda Koboski, med/surg/peds; Casey Small, med/surg/peds; Rebecca Dishaw, med/surg/peds; Kimberly Maraso, perinatal services; Cynthia Benedict, perinatal services; Margo Hart, perinatal services; Judy Farnsworth, performance improvement; Tara Williams, surgical services; Katie Collins, surgical services; Kara Wilson and Samantha Valdez, practice management and outreach clinics.

Recognized for ten years of service were Marcianne Stowell, nutritional services; Michael Stowell, environmental services; Dean Cooke, Susan Mackey, Jeremy Marcil and James, Lemieux, medical imaging; Barbara Wing, registration; Tammy Sue Mitchell, and Mary Boyd, nursing supervisors; Carol Wheeler, emergency services; Nicole Beauchamp, med/surg/peds; Carol Smithers and Jamie D’Addario, perinatal services; Patricia Durant, and Audrey Oakes, surgical services.

Recognized for fifteen years of service were Charles Fahd, chief executive officer; Sue Beaulieu, chief nurse executive; Patricia Burnett, environmental services; Heather Harvey, laboratory services; Micheline McCarthy, medical imaging; Darcy Dillabough, health information services; Cynthia Meldrum, patient financial counseling; Sue Hummel, emergency services; Stephanie Patraw, med/surg/peds; Kim Lecuyer, Deborah Dumas, Joseph Ward, and Melinda Durant, surgical services.

Recognized for twenty years of service were David Weitz, informational aervices; Debra Willer, respiratory therapy; Pamela Marin, perinatal services; Connie Powers, perinatal services.

Recognized for twenty-five years of service were Gina Bain, informational services; Sandra Brault, respiratory therapy; Shaylynn Frederick, patient financial counseling; Roy Wright, ICU.

Recognized for twenty-five years of service in the different divisions were Kandy Talbot, and Rick Tremblay, laboratory services; Marlene Kerr, emergency services.