Massena Memorial Hospital lab passes Heath Department review
Friday, July 11, 2014 - 11:40 am

Members of the Massena Memorial Hospital lab staff, front, from left are Kandy Talbott, Jodi White, Tina Hatch, and Dan O’Keefe. Back, senior director of ancillary services Mark Brouillette, lab administrative director Kevin Ward, Rick Tremblay, Cathy Smith and Scott Weaver.

MASSENA -- Massena Memorial Hospital Laboratory sucessfully completed a four day survey of its laboratory by the New York State Department of Health, according to MMH.

The surveyor reviewed all areas of the lab, the hospital said. They included hematology, urinalysis, coagulation, general and special chemistry, histology, microbiology, blood bank, serology, phlebotomy, specimen collection and handling and quality management.

The hospital says ithat they received "an excellent review."

“The surveyor takes a tracer approach by tracking a specimen from the time of collection through the processing, handling and to a final report,” laboratory administrative director Kevin Ward said in a news release. “The surveyor reviewed employees’ qualifications and an assessment of each area in the lab; the quality of the equipment, environment, how patients are handled and the overall quality assessment of the entire laboratory process. One area scrutinized was the blood transfusion process and systems to ensure patients are receiving the product the physician ordered.”

Lab staff includes Renee Barto, Jennifer Bassett, Amy Batten, Kaneta Cameron, Michael Chambers, Kristie Cole, Heather Harvey, Tina Hatch, Kim Hughes, “Ace” Janovsky, Melissa LaPage, Shelby Love, Pamela Monroe, Daniel O’Keefe, Lisa Randall, Thomas Savage, Cathy Smith, Kandy Talbot, Rick Tremblay, Vickie Tyo, Scott Weaver, Jodi White, Amy Wilson, Ward, medical director Phillip M. Bridgman and associate medical director S. Scott Smith.