Massena Memorial Hospital ends July with $304,310 net loss
Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - 5:28 pm


MASSENA -- Massena Memorial Hospital on Monday night reported finishing July with a $304,310 net loss, despite budgeting for a $52,104 gain.

“Revenues were slightly down and expenses were significantly up,” MMH board member Gary Borgosz said.

A financial and statistical summary of hospital finances for July says total operating revenue tallied $4,252,180 and operating expense totaled $4,581,663.

MMH CFO James Smith said the expense is because of a half dozen new doctors with 18 staff beneath them, all drawing salary and benefits.

“It’s time to reap benefits of these new docs,” Borgosz said. “It’s time to see a return on our investment.”

MMH board member Dave MacClennan said the Kids’ Corner pediatric center finished July 29 percent behind budget, which is not outside the norm.

“It seems year in, year out,” he said.

Smith said that since the walk-in clinic has opened, which has no wait time, some patients are now choosing to bring their children there.

Board member Loretta Perez noted that the veterans’ clinic numbers are good, and believes it could be due to positive press, and thinks MMH should try getting a positive buzz going in the media around its other clinics and centers.

MacClennan noted that the veterans’ clinic lost staff last year, so it doesn’t cost as much to operate.

The July numbers are despite their total outpatient registrations for the month going 11 percent over budget.

Smith noted that their inpatient discharges were 6 percent behind budgeted projections.

Year-to-date, MMH is looking at a $2,454,181 loss from operations. Smith has previously stated they make up the deficit by drawing from cash reserves. The MMH budget had anticipated a $429,126 net gain, year-to-date.