Massena Hannafords sends big donation to neighborhood center
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 9:06 am

Pictured receiving the gift card from Kristine (left) are MNC Director Elaine Eggleston (middle) and MNC Christmas program coordinator Jill Butler.

MASSENA – Hannaford Supermarket sold 700 pre-packaged food boxes, which were donated to the Massena Neighbor Center over the holidays.

Boxes pre-packed with food items were available for customers to purchase for $10 per box and then donate to the Massena Neighborhood Center’s Christmas program or other charity of choice.

In-store coupons were offered with each box purchased.

Assistant Manager Kristine Sharp organized an employee drive and arranged for the placement of a kiosk for spare change, bottle return slips, etc., to be placed at the front of the store for the convenience of their customers.

This independent effort resulted in the purchase of 75 Helping Hands boxes for a grand total of 700 donated to the Neighborhood Center.

As an incentive, Hannaford Supermarkets also awarded two $500 gift cards to the store selling the most boxes in each district, to be donated to their charity.

“We won once again for our district. And again this year the response from our employees was overwhelming and so instrumental in helping us not only meet but greatly exceed our goal,” Sharp said.