Massena Drug Free Coalition offers free drug testing kits to parents for its 'Test But Verify' initiative
Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 9:22 am

MASSENA – The Massena Drug Free Coalition has issued 120 drug-testing kits to Massena Central School District as part of its “Trust But Verify” initiative.

The six-panel drug testing kits were distributed to promote the coalition’s message of responsible parenting through prevention and intervention.

Cocaine, meth-amphetamines, Opiates, THC, oxy’s and benzodiazepines are detectable with the 98 percent reliable test kit.

Timmy J. Currier, Chief of Police and Chairman of the Massena Drug-Free Coalition, says the program as a preventative tool.

"The purpose of this program is first, to act as a deterrent and provide kids with an excuse not to use since they could be drug tested by their parents. Secondly, should a positive test occur, the parent can consult with their family physician or another confidential professional and determine the best approach in treating their child. This will be done without punitive action and focus completely on getting their child the help they need."

Courier said the test is the first step toward helping parents decide what to do next with preliminary information.

Parents and guardians with any questions about the results or guidance in the testing process are directed to a local and confidential help line 800-776-7344 where chemical dependency staff can provide assistance.

“I want to thank Chief Currier for reaching out to the Massena Central School District about the free distribution of drug test kits to our secondary schools,” said William W. Crist, Interim Superintendent of Schools. “As a community we must continue to be vigilant about substance abuse by our youth. I applaud the parents who have taken a test kit for their children to “Trust But Verify” the stark reality of our youth being tempted by street drugs and unprescribed Massena Drug Free Coalition prescription medication.”

“Our schools represent a miniature model of our community. Both should be safe places for our young people to grow, learn and mature. Drugs and substance abuse don't permit that safe environment to exist.”

Tina Buckley, the director of Rose Hill Adolescent Chemical Dependency Program agreed.

”Free drug testing is a great opportunity for parents to practice prevention within their family. By having the tests visible and close by it allows parents to give their child an out when they are pressured to use and also is available if the parent has concerns about a child’s behaviors. This opportunity is a win-win for families.”

The free and confidential drug testing kits can be picked up at the following locations: Rose Hill Treatment Center on County Route 43, St. Lawrence County Probation Office at 21 Harrowgate Commons, the Massena Police Department at the Town Hall or the nurses’ office at J.W. Leary Junior High School and Massena Central High School.

The Massena Drug Free Coalition’s free drug testing kits are made available through the partnership of the Massena Police Department, St. Lawrence County Probation Department, Rose Hill Adolescent Chemical Dependency Program and Massena Central Schools.