Massena code office warns residents to not put out clean-up day refuse too early
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 2:42 pm

MASSENA -- The village code office is warning residents not to put spring clean-up refuse to the curb more than a week before their part of town's pick-up days.

Code enforcement officer Ken McGowan says his office will send letters ordering the debris removed until the proper time. If it isn't picked up, the code office will remove it and bill the property owner.

Clean-up days this year are April 28 through May 2 north of the Grasse River. The south side of the Grasse River is May 5 through 9.

Village law says the garbage can go out seven days before the first day of pick up.

For more information, call the code office at 769-2380 or the Department of Public Works at 769-6823.