Massena Central High School students help volunteers from St. Vincent de Paul
Sunday, December 9, 2012 - 8:09 am

MASSENA -- During Thanksgiving school break several groups from Massena Central High School joined volunteers from St. Vincent de Paul to prepare and serve Thanksgiving dinner to the community.

The French Club, National Honor Society, International Baccalaureate and the Link Crew volunteered their time setting the tables, peeling 200 pounds of potatoes and getting takeout boxes ready.

“This has been an annual dinner for many years,” said former Assistant Principal of Massena High School, Martha Slack.

“The students first got involved when I was the assistant principal at the High School – we were asked to help out. Many of our school organizations need community service opportunities and I always felt it was especially important that our students give back to the community.” Slack said.

The students were happy to help out and spend time with friends.

“It’s fun to see your friends and it doesn’t take long to do – it’s something that will help someone else, worth doing. It kind of makes you realize that there are people that are less fortunate and you realize that you sometimes take things you have for granted,” said junior Jackie Tulip.

“It was fun, peeling the potatoes, cutting the squash - just feels good to help other people who need it,” said junior Cameron Marsh.