Massena-based state police investigate accident involving trooper who allegedly ran red light
Friday, March 22, 2013 - 2:59 pm


MASSENA – Massena-based state police have launched an administrative investigation after a Massena trooper allegedly ran a red light in a police SUV and hit another vehicle March 15 at 8:44 p.m. on Route 37.

Trooper Jonathan White, 33, who is stationed in Massena, was the driver.

New York State Police Lt. Kevin Boyea said White apparently passed a red light on Route 37, striking a vehicle driven by Richard Martin, 18, of Norfolk, who had the right of way.

No injuries occurred, but both vehicles were damaged.

Martin, who was operating the other vehicle, raised concerns that the incident had not been reported publicly, but Lt. Boyea said troopers had no intention of withholding information.

“Troopers drive thousands of miles every year. We understand that they will be involved in accidents. When we have these things happen, we have a very regimented process that we follow,” he said. “We are certainly not trying to hide anything from the public.”

The time and location of the accident were included in the police blotter, but information about the drivers was not initially reported.

Boyea said the information might have been withheld because the incident remains under investigation.

Although he may have been at fault, Boyea said White would not be ticketed.

He said the administrative investigation will be conducted and internal punishment may be handed out.

“We typically do not issue tickets to troopers when they are involved in accidents,” he said.

Lt. Boyea said the investigation remains closed to the public, because it is considered a personnel issue.