Massena Artists Association names Fort Covington woman 'artist of the year'
Friday, November 9, 2012 - 9:02 am

Donna Smith, (left) receives the Artist of the Year award from Cecilia Dewey, (right) Massena Artists Association treasurer. Ms Smith received this award based on her Acrylic Painting, "The Chapman Farm Homestead, Circa 1910" that she submitted to MAA's 28th annual Membership Art Exhibit. This exhibit contains 65 works of art by 28 different MAA members. It will remain on display at the Massena Public Library through Friday, November 16.

MASSENA -- Donna Smith of Fort Covington was named Artist of the Year for 2012-13 at the Massena Artists Association (MAA) Membership Art Exhibit recently. The award was based on her acrylic painting “The Chapman Farm Homestead Circa 1910," which she submitted to MAA’s 2012 exhibit.

The painting shows the farmhouse that belonged to her husband’s family as it appeared in 1910. Included in the painting are seven members of the family, dressed in their “Sunday best” clothes, as well as horses and a buggy. It was adapted from an old black & white photo owned by her sister-in-law.

Donna Smith is an amateur artist who has only recently begun to paint seriously. She was an art major in high school, taking every art course that was available in her school at the time. She and her husband are the parents of three adult daughters. While the children were young, she was a full time homemaker and mom. When she became an empty-nest parent, she finally had time to devote to her long-dormant artistic talent. She has now been painting again for about 4 years.

Over the past few years Donna has produced several paintings in acrylic, oil, and watercolor. Some have been entered in previous MAA exhibits, and have been award winners.

Other Award Winners are:

First Place:

• Marjorie Decker for her Oil Painting, “Closed for the Season.”

• Donna Smith for her Acrylic Painting, “The Chapman Farm Homestead.”

• Diane Drummond for her Watercolor, “Sunflower.”

• Lorna Eldred for her Pen & Ink Drawing, “Dandelions.”

• Eileen LaBarge for her Pastel, “A Place to Rest.”

• Roger Smith for his Photo, “Raquette River School.”

• Ron Morrow for his Wood Sculpture, “Phantom Bowl.”

• Ruth Elmer for her Crochet Cotton, “Nature’s Beauty.”

Second Place:

• Sandra Young for her Oil Painting, “As the Farm Waits.”

• Cecilia Dewey for her Acrylic Painting, “Drummer.”

• Arnie Roberts for his Watercolor, “Roses.”

• Emily Caferella for her pencil drawing, “Flick.”

• Cecilia Dewey for her Pastel, “Alexa.”

• Dorothy Badger for her Photo, “St. Regis Mountain – from the VIC.”

• Leon LeBeau for his Mixed Media work, “Moonlights.”

Third Place:

• Sallie Patterson for her Oil Painting, “Roses by the Window.”

• Dan LaPrade for his Acrylic Painting, “Eagle’s Nest.”

• Marguerite Mooers for her Watercolor, “If a Tree Stands in the Woods.”

• Lorna Eldred for her Pen & Ink Drawing, “Family Outing.”

• Eileen Boots for her Colored Pencil Drawing, “Tulip Time.”

• Eileen Boots for her Pastel, “Bud Vase.”

• Jerry Shampine for his Photo, “Beautiful Moth.”

Honorable Mention:

• Lorna Eldred for her Oil Painting, “Raging River.”

• Mary Lacerenza for her Acrylic Painting, “Mother’s Love.”

• Janet Peterson for her Watercolor, “Laura’s Crazy Quilt.”

• Geri Ames for her Pen & Ink Drawing, “Barn on Rt. 68.”

• Judy Tierney for her Pencil Drawing, “Family Crow-A-Long.”

Larry Prashaw, a retired Massena art teacher and businessman, judged this year’s exhibit.

The annual Membership Art Exhibit contains 65 pieces of artwork by 28 different MAA members this year. It will remain on display at the Massena Public Library through Friday, Nov. 16. Artists may pick up their work any time on Saturday, Nov. 17.