Massena 6-year-old turns birthday into fundraiser for Hospice
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 2:45 pm

Above are Aubrie Oldenburgh and Kellie Hitchman from Hospice.

MASSENA -- For her sixth birthday, Aubrie Oldenburgh of Massena decided to collect money for Hospice instead of presents.

She recently visited Hospice to learn about how they help people and to donate the money she collected.

“It’s absolutely incredible to meet a 6 year old who would rather help others than receive birthday gifts. She saw the help her Nan received and wanted to make sure others get that help. It may take a while for her to learn the true impact of her generosity, but we were all very touched by her thoughtfulness” Kellie Hitchman, Hospice’s director of development and community relations said in an email.