Maplewood offers a stress free way to transfer individuals with 12 new ceiling lifts
Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 5:19 pm

CANTON—United Helpers has announced the addition of 12 Waverly Glen Ceiling Lifts to the Maplewood Campus nursing home, providing an enjoyable, safe therapy environment for both the individual and the caregiver.

This lift reduces injury and stress by allowing caregivers to lift, roll, reposition, and transfer an individual effortlessly at the touch of a button.

Affixed to a permanent track system, an electric motor with a hand-held controller raises the individual in a sling that is suspended from the track and lowers them to the desired location. In case of a fall, the lift is able to descend completely to the floor and lift the individual up, all the while providing a smooth, comfortable ride with dignity.

After suffering from a stroke six years ago, Geraldine M. Tiernan’s husband John required the use of a floor lift to assist him with his daily activities.

Since his recent move to the Maplewood Campus, John and his wife have had the opportunity to see firsthand how the ceiling lifts work. “We love the new lifts, they are wonderful,” said Mrs. Tiernan. “It is much easier for my husband and for the staff. The lift pulls right over and drops down enabling him to get into bed much easier.”

Battery operated technology eliminates the restrictions and dangers of lifts powered by an electrical connecting cable. These will lift up to a maximum of 650 lbs., allowing flexibility and maximum safety for the individual being transferred. The battery, which will hold a charge for three months, immediately goes back to the cradle after each lift where it is recharged.

“The ceiling lifts are great because they don’t bump into everything,” Mrs. Tiernan said. “The old floor lifts took up a lot of room, however with the new ceiling lifts my husband is able to have more personal belongings in his room.”

For more information call Maplewood at 386-4541.