Madrid-Waddington school board seeks new ways to cut costs; plans to meet with state, county, town officials on Saturday
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 5:35 pm


MADRID -- Looking for some new and creative ideas to deal with growing costs, Madrid-Waddington's school board will meet Saturday with community leaders at all levels.

In an emailed response, Board President Mickey Miller said the idea stemmed from the annual legislative breakfast hosted by BOCES.

"We were discussing things at a meeting a couple of months ago and I wondered why we couldn't have our own Madrid-Waddington legislative breakfast to try to get a conversation going on how Madrid, Waddington and the school district could work together to benefit each other and our constituents," he said.

The event scheduled for Saturday morning will invite state, county and town officials as well as community and faith based-organization leaders.

As the small school district struggles, like many others around the North Country, to make ends meet, Miller said this is an opportunity to hear new ideas on how to approach old problems and get some feedback on how the school is perceived and how it should proceed in the future.

Miller noted that board meetings, while open to the public, tend not to draw large crowds.

"We are trying to get public input as we struggle to deal with maintaining the quality of education at Madrid-Waddington in the face of declining state aid, the property tax cap and increasing health insurance and pension costs," he said.

The event is by invitation only.