Madrid-Waddington Central School gives out awards and scholarships
Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 5:39 pm

MADRID -- Many students at Madrid-Waddington Central School received awards at commencement June 27.

Some recipients were chosen by a MWCS Scholarship Committee, others by outside scholarship committees, and many are sent to in with candidates who have been pre-selected by sponsors.

The Matthew Manchester Memorial Scholarship was donated by his family and friends. Matthew was from the class of 2000, and he went on to attend Albany College of Pharmacy. He is remembered as being respectful, caring and hard-working with a great sense of humor. This year’s award recipient exemplifies a student of character and dedication. Faculty and peers who know these graduates see them as individuals who will make significant contributions to their community and their career. Alex Hammond and Micaela Hargrave were each awarded $300.

Bonnie Chichester presented an award for the highest French and Spanish averages throughout high school. Brittani Dawley received the award for Spanish and Allison Fobare for French. Each received $50.

The Jonathan Moulton Memorial Scholarship goes to a graduate who is pursuing a career in engineering and attending Clarkson University. Jonathan’s family established an endowment. The winner of this year’s $100 scholarship is Brittani Dawley.

The David Moriarty Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the 1997 Madrid-Waddington graduate who visited the school’s computer classes as part of his job with IBM. The award goes to a senior who excelled in computer and business courses while in high school. Two awards of $75 were presented to Christopher Fayer and Desiree Pryce.

An award donated by the Math Department was presented to Alison Fobare and Brittani Dawley for excelling in mathematics.

Conni Vebber had an enthusiasm for life that was contagious. Her positive outlook helped her students realize that with a good attitude, anything was possible. This year, the two students who received $300 each in her memory were Emily Murphy and Ian Hawkins.

Zachary Brock received a $50 award in memory of Diane Graves. Diane volunteered many hours working on the Waddington Homecoming Committee and this award honors a student who demonstrates a spirit of volunteerism.

In memory of Donnie Green and Mark Hebert, The Sons of the American Legion present four awards. The recipients intend to pursue college and were each awarded $500. Those honored included Tyler LeFleur, Thomas McLaughlin, Mariah Patenaude and Sean Tiernan.

In the past, The Sons of the American Legion has given scholarships to students who, in one way or another, are related to a member of the legion or has been a friend of the Legion. This year they gave $100 each Ashley Brady, Caleb Carr, Emily Doelger, Jeffery Mott, Taylor Putney and Sean Tiernan.

The Champion-Hobkirk American Legion Post 420 presented four scholarship awards in memory of WWII veteran Ernest W. Blair, funded by his grandson, Mark Blair. This scholarship is awarded for civic awareness and community service. Alex Hammond and Taylor Putney each received $1,000, Nicholas Vallance and Allison Fobare received $500. $250 scholarships were given to Ashley Brady, Emily Doelger, Eve Ruddy and Sean Tiernan.

A scholarship of $100 as a Jeffrey Scott Page Memorial Prize was presented to Amber Duprey.

An award of $100 presented by Molly Pressey goes to a student who displayed academic excellence and is attending college full time this fall. This year’s award was given to Jeffrey Mott.

The Madrid Rescue Squad awarded a $100 scholarship to a senior residing in Madrid who plans to attend college in the fall. The recipient, William Hayes, plans to go into a medically related field.

The Donald J. Connor Scholarship of $500 made possible by the Madrid-Waddington Teachers’ Association is given to a student accepted at a college who is deemed worthy of financial aid. This year’s recipient is Allison Fobare.

An award presented to graduating seniors who have been academically outstanding in their high school career from a former kindergarten teacher Miss Claudia Moulton. Receiving $100 each were Alex Hammond, Eve Ruddy, Connor Maskell, Tyler LeFleur and Alyssa Ryan.

A $100 scholarship is awarded to a deserving student who is continuing on with higher education. This year the award presented by the Waddington Chamber of Commerce was given to Taylor Putney.

Two awards of $25 each were given by Rick and Mary Middlemiss in memory of Mike and Shirley Middlemiss. These two seniors have persevered in their pursuit of a high school diploma and are being recognized for keeping themselves on track. This year Brandi Shatraw and Sabbath McGregor were honored.

The Charlotte C. Gallagher Memorial Award was given by her children, to honor the positive influence that she had on others throughout her lifetime. The recipients of these awards have also had a positive influence on others and are being wished the very best as they move on to the next chapter in their lives. Winners included Nickolas Vallance, Sean Tiernan and Ian Hawkins.

The friends and family of Peggy Jenner awarded two $250 memorial scholarships to honor the life and teaching career of an amazing human being. Peggy taught the true meaning of what really matters in life. She was positive, honest, caring, and considerate. She taught so many students and adults to believe in themselves. This award goes to Emily Murphy and Eve Ruddy.

A $500 scholarship award made possible by the Madrid-Waddington Teachers’ Association to the senior boy or girl that shows an interest in extracurricular activities and exhibits a spirit of volunteerism and community in memory of Neil T. Grasso was presented to Alex Hammond.

A scholarship of two $100 awards were donated by the Community Bank, N.A. Madrid Branch Maurice Reese and Evan Rutheford; seniors deemed worthy of help in pursuing a career.

The Madrid American Legion Auxiliary Post #1513 presented an award to a Thomas Gagnon, who plans on following a military career

The George M. Dickson Memorial Scholarship, established by Mr. George M. Dickson, for young men and women with local ties, who want to pursue their dreams in higher education. This year Alex Hammond and Taylor Putney were each awarded $125 and Emily Doelger received $100.

The June Kelley Pierce Award for the Most Talent in Art: June writes: “As an art student many years ago, I am often reminded of the exemplary teachers that taught at Madrid-Waddington Central School. I am ever grateful to have been under their tutelage. It has indeed, impacted my life, my hobbies and my career. This honor and award is dedicated to Hazel Fox for her inspiration, kindness, and unfailing trust that her students would be the best they could be. To the student having the most talent in art, I applaud your talent and wish you the very best in your future endeavor. This year’s winner, Sean Tiernan, received $250.

KT Power, Inc. owners Bill and Marcia Tiernan presenting an award to two students this year who intend to pursue their education in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Engineering. A $250 award was presented to Michael Cummings and Brittani Dawley.

The Mary McGee Memorial Scholarship of $l,000 was awarded to a senior who has persevered and worked hard to accomplish the goals she has set for herself while in high school. Mary McGee was a 1978 graduate of Madrid-Waddington who has a wonderful spirit and taught many of us about persevering and how a positive attitude can be contagious. This year, Jennifer Wilson received the honor.

In memory of Daniel Parker Rose, the Rose Family and the members of the scholarship committee presented awards to graduating seniors this year. These awards are being presented to students who possess many of the ideas and traits reminiscent of Dan Rose including: love of family and friends, a sense of humor, interest and involvement in extracurricular activities and a positive outlook on life. $1,000 each to Jacob Barney, Emily Doelger, Allison Fobare, Alex Hammond, Eve Ruddy and Alyssa Ryan.

Four $100 awards made possible by the family of Dr. Brian Penrod in memory of their sons Brian and Jeff, to recognize student achievement in the four areas that were especially important to them during their years at school were awarded.

Samantha Hall was awarded for her participating in music/theater arts.

Alyssa Ryan was awarded for excelling in speech and debate.

Hannah Austin received the award for pursuing a career in medicine.

Autumn Wells received the award for pursuing the field of electric/building trades.

The MWCS staff and faculty would like to acknowledge the perseverance of these students in their pursuit of their education. These young people have shown the dedication to achieve their goal and pursue a higher education degree in a health related field. Elizabeth Hall and Kennedy Murray received $50 each.

In honor of her love of foreign languages, Mrs. Bonnie Chichester is giving an award to a student who is continuing their education in the study of foreign languages. This year the award Emily Murphy was chosen as the award recipient.

In recognition of the determination that it requires to complete 13 years of schooling, the faculty and staff of MWCS would like to acknowledge Hannah Hill and Diamond Stone with an award for their perseverance in completing their studies.

Two $100 awards were given to students pursuing a degree in the medical field and were made possible by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore. Pursuing degrees in nursing and physical therapy assistant are Jennifer Wilson and Zachary Kelly.

A Memorial Scholarship donated by Mrs. Laurinda Stockwell honoring the memory of her husband Kevin Stockwell who served his community for almost thirty years as an occupational therapist with dedication, generosity and a loving heart is given to a student pursuing an education in a medical field. This year’s award of $100 goes to Victoria Long.

The Darcie Ashley Scholarship is presented by the Varsity Club. This annual award is given to graduating athletes who represent the traits and characteristics valued and exhibited by Ashley. The athlete demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship, is a team player and has a positive impact on the sport and all its participants. They are recognized for their ability to encourage others, value competition and have fun at the same time. This award is voted on by all varsity coaches. $100 each went to Nicholas Zeledon and Desiree Pryce.

In honor of Jim and Winnie Fife, who exemplified the best things about living in the North Country, community, integrity, humor, generosity and above all, perseverance, two $50 awards went to Preston Dominy and Michelle Finnegan.

The Norwood Kiwanis’s Club awarded a $500 scholarship to a student attending college in the fall, who has excelled in academic programs and displayed outstanding community service. It went to Victoria Long.

An award of an undisclosed amount, given by Pinnacle Group Contracting, to a graduating senior who plans to enter the work force after graduation that exemplified a good work ethic in school was given to Collin Peacock.

The MWCS faculty and staff recognized Jonas Pandit with a $50 scholarship for his perfect score on the reading portion of the SAT exam.

A $100 scholarship given by Lynn Roy in recognition of and on behalf of all MWCS instructional staff, to a graduate who demonstrates a love of learning and intellectual curiosity and displays an ability to share this thirst for knowledge, problem solve and work with others was awarded to Brooke Caswell.

A $100 scholarship given by Lynn Roy in recognition of and on behalf of all MWCS non-instructional staff honors a graduate who exemplifies a love of community, goes above and beyond in effort and work, and demonstrates a solid work ethic was awarded to Andrew Benedict.

Five NY State Troopers who are Madrid-Waddington Alumni sponsored two $125 scholarships to worthy students who intend to pursue a college degree and future career in the Criminal Justice Field. The Madrid-Waddington Alumni are: Marc McDonnell, Randy Lamay, Scott Field, Clinton Johnson and David McBath. This years winners were Taylor Harris and Janelle Trombley.

In recognition of their outstanding achievements in their career and technical education program. This award of $50 was given by the Mr. Stephen Adams to Dustin Streeter and Kyle Pickering

The family of Matthew Caldwell honors his memory, grateful to have had the privilege of knowing and loving him. Matthew had a heart that was bigger than the North Country. His kindness and ability to always see the best in every human being was one of his defining attributes. He also loved to work with his hands and planned to take over his father’s business upon graduation. In his honor, the Caldwell family has donated a $250 scholarship to Colin Peacock.

In memory of Cathy Simmons Sharpe, an award was given to a graduate that demonstrates academic performance combined with extracurricular participation and a positive attitude. Two awards of $100 each were given to Tess Knight and Jessica LaMay.

The Ogdensburg Pro Musica Chorus award of $50 was given to reward and promote participation in choral music in school and the community. The award is made to a graduating senior who has shown excellence in choral music. Tyler LeFleur received the award.

The Pepsi-Cola Fine Arts Award of $50 was presented to a graduating senior who has excelled in the arts. Taylor Perry was this years recipient.

The Snider, Kyriakopoulos and Snider law firm presented an award to seniors who are interested in government; who has demonstrated a commitment to social justice issues; who are recognized for fairness and helpfulness and who plans to attend a four-year college in the fall. This year Jonas Pandit and Connor Maskell were chosen.

The 2014 Workforce of Tomorrow award of $250 was presented by the CSEA Local 630 of St. Lawrence University to Brittani Dawley.

An award of $400 from Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Rose for the graduating senior pursuing a career in education was presented to Tess Knight.

In Memory of Neil Grasso, to a student with a keen sense of humor and their ability to always look on the bright side of life, a $100 award was presented by Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Rose to Connor Maskell.

The MWCS faculty and staff would like to congratulate Arthur Webb and Jordon Brothers on a job well done and their determination to follow through with their goals.

NYS Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association provides a scholarship of $600 to dependents of their members. Congratulations to this years winner Thomas Gagnon.

On behalf of the Nihanawate Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, a certificate and Bronze Medal was awarded to the senior who had the highest average in US History. This year Jonas Pandit received the award.

The Herff Jones Principal’s Award recognizes this student as one who has demonstrated the ability to combine academic excellence and exemplary leadership in school and community activities. Emily Murphy was recognized this year.

The Greater Watertown Jaycees are proud to present their 2014 Emerge NNY Scholarship Award Winner with a $500 scholarship to Alex Hammond.

The CSEA St. Lawrence Educational Local 873 presents The Faye Baxter Memorial Scholarship Award of $100 to Allison Fobare.

Northwest Technical presents an Achievement Award to the students who have excelled in their career and technical education program. These young people are hardworking, dedicated and goal oriented. This year Northwest awarded $50 each to Collins Peacock, Building Trades and Emily Doelger, Criminal Justice.

The Alice Poole Award was presented to a graduating senior who represents responsibility, persistence, independence, reliability, fiscal responsibility and fair mindedness. A $50 award was presented to Ian Hawkins, Metal Working Technology and Micaela Hargrave, Health Careers.

Also awarded from Northwest Technical is the Spencer Kirby Memorial Award that is granted to a hardworking student, who is willing to take initiative and successfully completed the Building Trades program at Northwest Technical. Collin Peacock received the $25 award.

The AGATI-Laborers’ International Union of North America Local No. 322 of $1,500 year is awarded to Emily Doelger.

SeaComm’s Shirley J. Eagles Scholarship in the amount of $500 was awarded to Allison Fobare.

The Fulton Chapter #515 Order of the Eastern Star awarded a scholarship to a student who demonstrates an ability relate well to others in the family, community and school. This year Alex Hammond received the award.

Northwest Technology named several Madrid-Waddington students with their student of the month honor. Students included Evan Rutheford, who was honored in November for Automotive Technology. Ian Hawkins was awarded in May and was a student in Metalworking Technologies. Collin Peacock received the honor in June as part of the Building Trades class.

The Patricia Logan Memorial Scholarship Presented by the First Presbyterian Church of Waddington in the amount of $500 was awarded to a graduating senior who plans to continue onto college. Jeffrey Mott was this years recipient.

Keuka College awarded Mariah Patendaude with a Keuka Scholars Award in the amount of $40,000 over four years.

Nazareth College awarded Sean Tiernan with two scholarships. The first award is Nazareth’s Class of 1928 Scholarship which is in the amount of $8,000 annually and the second award recognizes this student’s talent and promise in the area of Art and is in the amount of $1,500.

The Canton Goldenaires chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society recognizes this student for his active involvement in music over the years and has chosen him to receive a scholarship in the amount of $500 to be used towards his continued education. Alex Hammond was this years winner.

The Canton Zonta Club has awarded Allison Fobare with the 2014 Jean M. Coons Humanitarian Award. This scholarship is in recognition of her outstanding community service.

The following students were nominated to receive the 2014 Scholarship for Academic Excellence based on their strong academic record and Regents exam results. The awards are distributed through the NY State Education Department and are renewable for up to four years of academic study. Congratulations to Allison Fobare, Emily Murphy and Jonas Pandit.

The Dr. Allen A. and Joan Taylor Welch Education Fund, a component fund of the Northern NY Community Foundation in Watertown, has created a new scholarship for Madrid-Waddington students. This fund was created by his wife, Joan, in memory of her late husband, Dr. Allen Welch. Dr. Welch practiced dentistry in Massena for over 37 years. In addition to honoring the legacy of Dr. Welch, the new fund is also made in memory of Donald J. Connor and Kathryn Fay, both of whom had a profound impact on Dr. Welch’s life and career. Details about the awards will be sent to these students this summer. Congratulations to Brittani Dawley, Emily Doelger, Allison Fobare, Alex Hammond, Jessica LaMay, Victoria Long and Taylor Putney for being selected for this award.

The Clarkson School is a competitive, early college program for students who excel in their academics and who have the desire to pursue their post-secondary education a year early. Jennifer Wilson will receive a Clarkson School Scholars Award for a total of $60,000 over four years.

The Local 1000 CSEA Region 5 presented their 8th annual College Scholarship to a student chosen out of more than 70 applications and was judged on his written essay, cumulative average and extracurricular activities. A $500 award was presented to Alex Hammond.