Madrid-Waddington wins gold medals, Potsdam receives silver at Clarkson's 'MythOlympic Games'
Friday, June 7, 2013 - 6:29 am

From left are Madrid-Waddington Central School team members Kieran Cassavaw, Alyssa Ryan, Nicolas Zeledon and Brendan O'Neil, and Potsdam Central School team members Sriveda Alety, Katie Burke, Taylor Rawsor and Shanna-Kay Hillary.

POTSDAM -- Two teams of North Country high-school students competed in the first annual MythOlympic Games at Clarkson University recently.

The teams, from Madrid-Waddington Central School and Potsdam Central School, set out to determine whether subliminal messaging can influence people's outward physical actions and behavior.

The two teams researched, designed and conducted tests, then presented their findings to a panel of experts.

The format of the MythOlympic Games was similar to the popular television show “MythBusters.”

The student-teams had two months to test their theories, prepare a technical report and produce a video presentation of their findings. Both teams were able to demonstrate the efficacy of priming and subliminal messaging to influence people’s behavior.

The Madrid-Waddington team received gold medals, with each member earning a $5,000 annual scholarship to Clarkson University.

The Potsdam team took home silver medals, with each student earning a $3,000 annual scholarship to Clarkson.

High school teacher Michelle Bresett coached the Madrid-Waddington team and high school teacher April Rossiter coached the Potsdam Central School team.