Madrid kids save elderly woman who had fallen into snow Friday night and couldn't get up
Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 11:38 am

MADRID -- Some young people from Madrid are credited with saving an elderly woman who had fallen into the snow last night and couldn't get up.

Trevor Moulton and Nick Miller are both 14, and their parents were proud to tell us that they and a group of friends were walking home from the community skating rink at about 9 p.m. in the blowing snow when they heard the whimpering of a woman, reportedly in her 80s, who had fallen into the snow as she was walking home from the Hometown Cafe.

"As they got closer they realized that an elderly lady had fallen in the snow and could not get to her feet," said Megan Moulton, Trevor's step-mother. "They helped her up, brought her into her house, and wrapped her in a blanket. They had noticed she was so cold that she could not communicate well and decided she might need more help than just getting inside, so they called 911. The ambulance arrived shortly afterwards," she said.

"She apparently had been there for quite some time," wrote Rosie LaForce, Nick's step-mother. "She was shaking from the cold and partially covered by the snow she had fallen into. Nikolis just happened to hear her faint calls for help.

"He came home to tell us the story and we returned to the elderly woman's home to check on her until the ambulance arrived. It turns out that the woman will be all right, thanks to the quick thinking of my step son and his friend," said LaForce. The woman reportedly did not require hospitalization.

"We are very proud of Nikolis and want to share his heroic story with everyone. We believe the woman may have been hospitalized or quite possibly have died if they had not found her and been so willing to help," said LaForce.

"Nikolis was quite shaken by the whole ordeal but was very happy that she will be ok," she said.

The story is confirmed by Madrid Rescue Squad President Jennifer Collins, who was on the call.

"She was coming from the diner, walking to her house. She just fell over and got stuck," Collins said.

Collins could not tell us the woman's name, but Moulton, who didn't know her whole name, said everyone in town knows her as Milly.

"We always appreciate kids who are willing to help, that's for sure," said Collins.