Madison Elementary third graders enjoy Thanksgiving feast
Monday, November 19, 2012 - 2:37 pm

MASSENA -- Madison Elementary third grade students and teachers recently pitched in to hold a Thanksgiving feast of turkey and potatoes, rolls, vegetables, desserts and juice.

They set a big tablecloth down on the floor in the hallway where everyone sat down together to enjoy the meal.

“We did this for the kids, just for fun,” said third grade teacher Kelli Grewell. “They’ve been working so hard. We just wanted to do something fun for them.”

As the students ate, conversation and laughter filled the hallway.

When asked what Thanksgiving meant to them or what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving they were eager to answer.

“It’s about Thanksgiving; it’s our first third grade one (feast) – I really like it. Everyone is having a good time. We even made hats – Indians and Pilgrims.” - Lilah Daniell

“Thanksgiving is about celebrating with my family, to have fun and be thankful for the things that you have.” -Emma Rupert.

“It’s (the 3rd grade feast) to celebrate Thanksgiving and when they (Pilgrims and Indians) met.” - Abby Cary.

“Thanksgiving means a lot to me because me and my family celebrate it with a big feast then we go outside to play lacrosse.” - Riley Helmer.

“Thanksgiving is to celebrate a moment to say thanks for everything that you have.” – Mara Brown

“Thanksgiving is to celebrate people creating Thanksgiving – the Pilgrims and Indians.” – Jocelyn Stowell

“I get to be with all of my family. I don’t get to see my dad’s family, so we go to there to celebrate – to see all of my family – that’s why I love Thanksgiving.” – Madeline Tusa

“Thanksgiving is about getting together with my family and being thankful for all the food we are giving.” – Ella Thompson

“It’s to remember the Indians and Pilgrims and to be thankful for the things that we have.” – Alexa Seeber

“It means to give thanks to all my family for all that they give me and all the love – and to just be nice to everyone.” – Jenna Stiles