Lots of people check NCNow many times a day, 21% use us as their home page; we’re ready for golf
Sunday, February 3, 2013 - 5:08 pm


If you find yourself checking NorthCountryNow.com many times a day, you’re not alone.

One-third of our viewers say they visit NorthCountrNow.com three or more times a day, according to our recently completed online survey. Another 50.2 percent say they check out the website once or twice every day.

The survey is unscientific and represents the views of those who chose to participate. Still, a large number of people – 1,094 – took the survey, and the results are in line with findings from Google Analytics.

The Google website measurement service shows 30 percent of NorthCountryNow.com viewers visit more than 200 times each month – or an average of 6.7 times each day.

We’re glad so many in St. Lawrence County check in so frequently, and we believe the fact the site is updated nine times each weekday is part of the reason. People want to “find out what’s new” in the North Country, and NorthCountryNow.com is an easy way to do that.

Another reason so many visit so often is because 21 percent have made NorthCountryNow.com their home page, according to our survey results. So every time they turn on their computer, NorthCountryNow.com is the first page they see.

If you’d like to make us your home page, visit northcountrynow.com/make-us-your-homepage. The page provides directions for many browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and others.


As part of our recent survey, we asked viewers why they had made NorthCountryNow.com their home page.

Here are some of the answers from survey participants:

• Because you do a good job. We travel a lot and NCN lets us keep current on what is happening back home.

• I love the overview of the local news, activities and obituaries.

• The collection of stories from different areas and sources all in one place is great.

• I get a quick update every time I launch my browser. Then I can come back later to read more about the stories that matter to me.

• Most of the news about the North Country is all in one place.

• It is handy; you update it often enough so going back on multiple occasions is worth my time.

• It is by far the best site for St. Lawrence County. The only county-only based news source. Excellent job!

• Because it has news and stories of the North Country and since I live in Massena, I can access other local info, especially weather conditions, school cancellations, etc.

• I only read NorthCountryNow for my news, and from there click on links to other news websites. Why wouldn’t I make it the first page I see every morning?

• I like having local news as the first thing to look at online.

• ‘Cause I always check it first thing in the morning to see if anyone I knew got arrested, check the local news and if any major weather is coming our way. Also for school cancellations.

• I love to get local news and love photos of our area and look on this site several times a day for updates. It’s a great way to keep up on weather, events and things happening in our area.

• I keep track of all the news, etc. several times a day. Really enjoy the pictures submitted to you … love the human interest items, love people and love the North Country.

• I go to NCN several times per day. I like for it to pop up when I open my browser so I can see any new news items.


Four staff people from NorthCountryNow.com are brushing up on their golf swings in preparation for the annual Polar Bear Golf Tournament Feb. 14 at the St. Lawrence University Golf Course in Canton.

The event benefits CP of the North Country which provides a wide array of medical services to many in St. Lawrence County.

Julie Spadaccini of DeKalb Junction, an advertising consultant for NorthCountryNow.com and a CPNC board member, organized the NorthCountryNow.com team, Others from our office who face the real possibility of golfing in the snow are Debbie Morgan of Norwood, John Basham of Canton and Georgia Schiavone of Norwood.

Entry deadline is Monday, so if you’d like to request a Polar Bear Golf Tournament tee time, have some fun and possibly win some raffle prizes, call Makenzie Taylor at 386-1156 or email her at [email protected].

Participants can golf for $25, have dinner at 5 p.m. for $25, or do both for $40. Tee times will begin at 10 a.m. and continue in 10-minute increments until 3:30 p.m. The format will be a four-person scramble, but teams with less than four people are still welcome to play.