Lockout at Potsdam Central this morning spurred by parent’s alleged threat
Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 3:03 pm


POTSDAM - An alleged threat from a parent at the elementary school prompted Potsdam Central officials to put the schools on lockout status this morning.

Superintendent Pat Brady said the lockout was in effect for about 45 minutes, until police reported to them that they had made an arrest.

He said the parent, who was speaking with Lawrence Avenue Elementary School Principal Larry Jenne, made what was seen as a threat and then left the building.

“The police were contacted, and the district went into lockout status as students and staff remained in the buildings,” Brady said.

Brady noted the difference between the established procedures of a lockout and a lockdown.

A lockout is where no one is allowed to leave or enter a building as long as it is in effect, but otherwise things go on as normally as they can.

A lockdown is when students and staff remain in their classrooms until safety from a possible internal threat is ascertained.

Today's lockout ended when “police advised us they had arrested a person and were investigating,” Brady said.

“Students and staff were safe during the process,” he said.

“Once it was deemed safe to resume regular routines, we did so.”

The Potsdam Police had no immediate comment on the case.