Little Larries Youth Soccer ends season for Brasher, Norfolk players
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 9:03 am

The Little Larries Youth Soccer, a program of the Brasher-Stockholm Recreation Commission, had 108 players aged 4 to 18 from St. Lawrence Central, Salmon River, Norwood-Norfolk, and Brushton-Moira schools this summer.

Volunteer coaches included Morgan Villnave, Isaac Beckstead, Connor Eldridge, Marc McLaughlin, Regan Dunbar, Amy Hornung and Christine Compo-Martin.

The season-ending celebration is the Little Larries World Cup, which was held on the SLC varsity field for the U6-U12 groups.

The World Cup is a 4 v 4 no goalie format on a small field. The action got underway in full blown summer heat on Sunday to the cheers, noise makers, and a national anthem or two from 10 different countries that made it to the round of 16 at this year’s World Cup in Brazil.


The U6 kids represented the USA (Isaac Beckstead) and Chile (Shane Rose), with Chile coming out on top by one goal after penalty kicks. Referee in chief Chris Rose made sure the players on the pitch were evenly matched. Athletes were eager to hit the pool after the hotly contested match.


The U10 squads carried the flags of Brazil (Leah Francis), Mexico (Lindsey Thayer and Halleigh Agans), Urugauy (Marc McLaughlin), and Nigeria (Andrew Lantry). The four countries kept head scorekeeper Maeve Wells busy with 95 goals scored in an hour and a half. With blue hair spray, balloons, popsicles and strategy a plenty under team tents, Uruguay took home the world trophy winning all three matches. The Brazil team showed why they were considered elite by winning two games and keeping Uruguay to just a two goal lead. Both Nigeria and Mexico scored 23 goals over three games. Referees Trent Dow, Nick Kowalchuk, Brody Simonds, and Ethan Simonds were pleased with the level of play and sportsmanship shown at both levels and by all countries.

U12 teams competed as Columbia (Leah Francis, Marissa Kelley), Belgium (Nick Kowalchuk and Ethan Simonds), Netherlands (Drew Rose and Ricco DiMatteo), and Greece (Zach St. Hilaire and Trent Dow). The teams were able to score more than 60 goals. There was a three-way tie at the end of round robin play. With all four teams entering into penalty kick rounds, nerves were a factor requiring two rounds of kicks for Netherlands to clinch the title. Referees paid with free hydration included Halleigh Agans, Lindsey Thayer, Cody Meacham, and Chris Rose.

Program director Julia Rose thanked Coach Chris Compo-Martin, Mr. Rose, and the many boys and girls varsity players that helped with coaching, refereeing, draft choices, concession, set up, photography and setting a good example. “

“It’s a wonderful event for the kids and a great chance for the varsity players to celebrate the future by paying it forward,” said Julia Rose.