Lisbon Town Board wants public discussion on proposal to 'fast track' residential construction, bypass site plan review
Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 2:06 pm


LISBON -- The Lisbon Town Board wants public discussion on a proposal that would allow the code enforcement officer to fast track residential construction and bypass currently required site plan review.

Town Supervisor James W. Armstrong said the proposal could be a benefit to builders, as they would not have to wait for a planning board meeting to move forward with the project, but added that the issue needs discussion from all parties.

"We want to have a meeting where everyone can sit down and discuss the issue," he said.

Armstrong said he appreciates the work the planning board does and believes site plan review is important for commercial and agricultural projects.

He said it can also be valuable resource for people seeking information about property and building regulations. However, when it comes to building residential homes, the process may be hindering progress.

"If we have a code enforcement officer approve it and everything meets the required criteria, it seems redundant that the planning board has to review this. If we could do this in a manner that is expeditious to everybody then why not do it?"

However, before any changes will be made, Armstrong said it's important to hear from the Planning Board and the public.

"If, and when we do this, we want wall parties to be on the same page. We want to hear from everybody involved," he said.

Armstrong said another possible change that may be up for discussion would allow residential construction on properties with less than one acre of land. Currently, the town requires at least one acre of land per home.

"Some people are in favor of taking off the one acre requirement," he said.

Armstrong said a date for the proposed meeting has not been set.