Lisbon temporarily bars vehicles weighing more than four tons from roads
Friday, April 18, 2014 - 2:28 pm

LISBON -- The Town of Lisbon is temporarily banning vehicles with a gross weight exceeding four tons on its roads.

Town Supervisor Jim Armstrong said the decision followed complaints from residents about poor road conditions. To reduce the damage and save money, the highway department a temporary ban on large vehicles.

He said patching roads in the early spring is costly and ineffective. He said cold patches don’t hold long and the materials and labor are expensive.

He said the long cold winter damaged many roads and reducing heavy vehicle traffic in the spring will limit further deterioration.

Armstrong said he could not easily estimate how long the ban would last, but said it would be lifted once the frost is out of the ground.

“It shouldn’t be long,” he said.

The exclusion will remain in effect until removal of signs as directed by the Lisbon Town Board.