Libraries in Ogdensburg and Colton offer 'If You Stutter: Advice for Adults' on DVD for local residents
Monday, February 24, 2014 - 6:05 am

Colton’s Hepburn Library and the Ogdensburg Public Library have “If You Stutter: Advice for Adults” available on DVD for local patrons.

“We focus on demonstrating a variety of therapy strategies that are appropriate in working with adults and teens," said Peter Ramig of the University of Colorado at Boulder. “We also answer questions about stuttering and present examples of therapy sessions showing how stuttering can be reduced.”

“This DVD is meant to give stutterers some insight into the tools they need to begin dealing with stuttering, but it also offers good ideas for family members, speech-language pathologists, and health care professionals,” said Professor Barry Guitar of the University of Vermont.

Guitar is one of six experts to appear in the film, which was produced by the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation.

The DVD features men and women who stutter discussing their experiences with stuttering and the techniques that have helped them. They talk about the problems they face in the work place and how stuttering affects their lives and their self esteem.