Legal intern stripped of practicing power as DA drama continues in St. Lawrence County
Monday, May 2, 2016 - 11:40 am


CANTON -- The St. Lawrence County law intern who prosecuted a felony trial without a law license earlier this month has had his certificate to practice law revoked.

A Third Appellate Division Court Clerk confirmed Jonathan Jirik has been stripped of his ability to perform duties within the St. Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office.

Justice Karen Peters of the Third Department Appellate Division of the state Supreme Court had allowed Jirik to serve as a law intern for St. Lawrence District Attorney Mary Rain’s office. But that order was revoked on Tuesday in the wake of accusations he had practiced law illegally.

“The order of this court entered October 20, 2015 authorizing Jonathan S. Jirik to act as a law intern in the office of the St. Lawrence County District Attorney, is hereby vacated," the order from Peters says.

In April Judge Richards scolded Rain and Jirik, for allowing the intern to prosecuting a felony trial without a license. It has since also been revealed that Jirik failed to pass the New York State Bar exam.

Richards dismissed the case and alerted the Third Appellate Division of the incident. He has since recused himself from all cases related to the SLC District Attorney’s Office.

This all comes on the heels of St. Lawrence County legislators passing a ‘no-confidence’ resolution against Rain. The resolution passed 10-3 and calls on the state to investigate Rain to determine if she is fit to perform her duties as district attorney.

Rain has struggled to maintain adequate staffing levels since taking office in 2014.